Q: Do you have a store front? Where are you located?

A: The Luggage Cart (TLC) does not have a brick and mortar location currently. Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming pop-up events, where you can shop with us in person. We are in the process of working on some top-secret stuff to be announced in the future.

Q: Do you offer online discounts?

A: Social media is where you can find our hottest online promotions. Be sure to connect with us via (Facebook, Instagram), so you’ll never miss out.

Q: Are the thrifted and pre-worn clothing items offered clean?

A: All garments are washed and lint rolled prior to packaging. We try to provide ready-to-wear clothing. However, all items, especially new with tags (NWT) should be washed to your satisfaction prior to wearing.

Q: Does TLC offer styling services?

A: TLC is available for a wide range of styling services and we would love to be part of your next event or big collaboration. Reach out via our email query on the home page for more information. Serious inquiries only, please.

Q: I loved my free Scentsy Washer Wiff Sample—where can I get more?

A: Scentsy Washer Wiff samples are included with all TLC packages. If you are sensitive to anything scented, please mark the unscented option on your order. TLC is not a distributor of Scentsy, but each sample will include contact information for TLC’s personal Scentsy consultant who would be happy to help you order more! Order more washer wiffs here.

Q: I have a question about an item for sale. What should I do?

A: The best way to reach us is via our email query section at the bottom of the homepage. We are currently working behind the scenes to create a system to answer questions about individual items more efficiently.

Q: Who is your shipping provider?

A: TLC currently uses USPS for all online orders; however, this is subject to change. All details concerning the shipping provider as well as tracking information will be included in your shipping confirmation email which you should receive within 3 business days after purchase.

Q: After I’ve made a purchase, when should I expect my package in the mail?

A: Typically, TLC packages arrive between 2-10 business days after purchase date. You should receive shipping confirmation via the email you provide at checkout, within 3 business days of your purchase. Your shipping confirmation email will include the details about your expected shipping delivery date along with a tracking number.

Click here to track your shipment.

Q: What can I do if my tracking number shows a delay in shipping?

A: There could be many reasons for a shipping delay. Unfortunately, there is not a lot TLC can do once your package is in the mail. However, we want to ensure your new goodies reach you safe and sound, so if your shipping carrier has not provided a reason for your package delay and you think your package may have been lost or stolen, please read the below Q & A response.

Q: What Should I do If I don’t receive my package in the mail?

A: Please click the link below and follow the steps for what to do in case of lost or stolen mail.

USPS lost mail.

Please contact us via our email query at the bottom of the home page if you have not received your package within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Q: Do you offer refunds on items?

A: We have a “no refund” policy for our online orders. Please read item descriptions and measurements carefully so you can find the best match for you! If you feel like you have received a defective clothing item or an item that has damages that weren’t listed in the item description, please read the below Q &A response.

Q: I’m unhappy with something in my package, what should I do?

A: Since returns are not offered for our online purchases, we try to provide you with all the correct information you may need (including measurements and item condition) to help you make smart purchases for items that you will love! If you feel you have received an item that was incorrectly labeled, please feel free to reach out via email query at the bottom of the home page. Please include as much information about the item as you can, including its SKU/item number listed on the retail tag.